I’ve been trying to write essays these past few days. The results? Pathetic. I mean, really.

Academic writing is not really my cup of tea. If they were to task me with writing a, I don’t know, a rant post or some type of emotional broken hearted clap trap I would be able to do that. Hell, I’ve been doing that for years. Easy-peasy, child’s play.

This whole academic, do you agree or disagree bullshit on the other hand though, I find it hard to do. I am always changing my arguments. I am usually all over the place. Sometimes I just don’t really give a fuck at all.

I know I need to pass this shit, it is a requirement for the UK nursing gig that I am doggedly pursuing. It is also expensive AF so I am not really keen on wasting money by retaking and retaking that exam.

Oh well, as the song goes: que sera, sera. Yolo bitches.


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