It has been a while since I last posted something about my job. I mean, not that anyone is interested in my day to day life or anything, I don’t know. 

So a lot had happened (obviously), I was transferred to a different ward- a more benign ward, but the thing is due to understaffing I am always floated to another ward, which is annoying and frustrating at the same time. For one, I am not familiar with the patients, which frustrates me because I can’t answer their questions, also some cases aren’t familiar to me. I know it’s good experience wise and all, but getting disoriented every single day is annoying. The staff from other wards are nice, they do thank me for my contributions and stuff, but it’s kind of frustrating because I don’t even know if I really helped at all because I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time. 

Sometimes I feel stupid. Though I know they don’t expect me to know everything because I am relatively new at this job (not even a year), and the ward I came from is only focused on one disease. I mean in my previous ward,I already know the ins and outs, but here, especially being floated to  other wards, I feel like I’m a fucking orientee, and I hate that. 

Am I happy with my job right now? No,not really. It’s frustrating really. 

Anyway, I applied for a nursing job abroad in some agency. The interview is on March. I’m also reviewing for the English exam required for  that.

Wish me luck, I guess. 

After the storm

I thought that I was the storm who’s going to dissipate into thin air, leaving you with a trail of splintered memories and a flood of tears to clean up. I thought I’m the one who’s going to watch you rebuild yourself after I wrecked your peace with my presence.

was too presumptuous, too arrogant, too confident with  my sway over you. 

I  forgot about the sun. I forgot about the possibility of you chasing after the sun. I denied the possibility that maybe you’re the one who’s going to leave me all splintered and flooded.

Now you’re just a name on my list of storms.