This month is my 3rd consecutive morning shift and I am so happy that it’s almost over.  A lot has happened this month; there was that day when 3 patients died in a span of two hours, that day when I drove down hill on a zig zag road, in the dark, in the middle of a thunderstorm, and that mother’s day when our car battery died when we’re just going home from dinner. And also that day when my phone screen cracked.

Fun month all in all.

I did get my first salary though, so that is really something. I am sort of enjoying my job, although I want to strangle some people because they’re so annoyingly demanding. I mean I know it’s my job to cater to the patient’s health needs, but there are things that are beyond my means, like getting blood from thin air and immediately transfusing it to the patient without prior screening or processing. I know they are frantic but they don’t have to order me around like I’m a bloody maid.


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