Day 25

I haven’t been able to update that much because I sleep as soon as I get home. Night shift sucks but I like it because there’s not much people around, so I don’t have to talk that much. 

I have a co-trainee, S, I don’t hate her, I just hate how unprofessional she is sometimes. She’s always late, as in 10-30 minutes late for the shift and she doesn’t work immediately,  she would look for food or fix her hair. Also, her uniform is incomplete most of the time. At least she’s snappier now, according to our seniors.

Our seniors are used to her by now, they reprimand her now and then but she do it again anyway. One of our female staff, J, is more vocal about S’ faults, and S thinks that J hates her, which is not the case. I mean, of course you would be reprimanded time and time again if you keep on coming late.

S is nice though, aside from being tardy, she’s nice. She’s a bit slow, but she’s nice.


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