Day 24

My family isn’t really the warm and nurturing type.  It’s not soap opera dysfunctional, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that we profess our love in sarcasms and veiled insults.

My parents are subtly manipulative, they can talk you into doing things, especially if you’re highly suggestible,  like me. For example they talked me into taking nursing, I wanted a different course,  but they convinced me that taking this path will be good for our family. Also that I sucked at math,  so computer science is out of the question, they are saving me from a bad thing —math. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my parents,  and I know they mean well.  It’s just that sometimes I want them to really listen to what I really want. I just wish they’d stop punching holes in my dreams. Making me feel that I am not good enough for them.  I just wish that they can stop making me feel like I’m just a pawn in their plans.

Maybe it’s why I am not happy in my chosen (their chosen) career. Don’t get me wrong, I am content, I love the patients, I’m just never happy.


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