Day 20

I was in for an interview at the other hospital yesterday and I am supposed to work there for a week as part of the evaluation. I am sort of anxious. I want to finish my residency in my current hospital as I am getting attached to the people there,  although this is too good an opportunity to miss out on.  I mean I would get paid here, and it is not a contractual position, and it is a tertiary hospital. But then again, it is a government hospital, so I probably won’t get hired until next year, hopefully February.

I am also interested in this other hospital because I sort of asked to be put in research. I sort of like research,  I just hated it in college because of my group mate. So there.

I just feel out of it because I am already used to this institution, I have already adjusted, then suddenly I will be dealing with a new set of people and new set of rules.

It will just be for a week anyway.  Then I will be back to my ward.

Also, update. My patient has been steadily improving and it makes me happy. On the flip side though, one of our patients returned after 2 weeks, he went home against medical advice and now he is back and he is worse than before.


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