Day 19

I’m on night shift today. Was on night shift, rather, I just got home. My sleeping pattern got messed up again, but it’s okay since I would be on graveyard shift next month so I have this time to adjust my sleeping schedule and stuff.

Last night has been good, no level 4 patients, I managed to start an IV (one shot), and I did not fuck up my IVs. And also I got to nap a little, sleeping on the job is not really something you brag about, but hey I have needs.

My mood has been stable as of late, no deep melancholia or cutting self blame. I feel, not exactly happy, but something less warmer than that. I mean, I am still not into this career but my colleagues make it bearable for me, also my patients are nice, so they make this whole nursing gig better.

That is it for now, I guess, I need to sleep.


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