Day 13

I have been working for 21days already
—roughly 180 hours, if those extra hours are taken into account. I learned a lot of things this month; things necessary to this profession, and things about myself like:
1. I’m still up for a career change. I still don’t like nursing that much.
2. I get easily attached to people.
3. I still don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.
4. I don’t have that much flashbacks now. Maybe because it’s a different hospital.
5. I have a thing for guys with deep husky voices.
6. It takes about 5 days before I have a melt down due to fatigue.
7.  I managed to hate only one person. A personal record really as I’m apt to hate everyone on sight. Misanthrope that I am.

I had my last graveyard shift today, and I’m tired as fuck. I hate this week basically, my sleep pattern has been so fucked up because I have been displaced on both morning and afternoon shifts. I almost cried today because I forgot to note my patient’s TPN line, and the nurse from the morning shift asked me about it. I didn’t get scolded, just got told to not do it again in a nice manner. And I almost cried. Hello melt down. Good thing I’m off today.

I will be on the morning shift this month, hella toxic so wish me luck.


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