Day 11

I don’t really recommend wearing pumps during your duty. If you did it by choice, then you’re an idiot, but if you’re like me, unlucky, I feel your pain honey.
My shoes got ruined mere minutes before I go out of the house. I tried to buy those rubber plastic shoes from the supermarket but they don’t have my size. So I was stuck wearing pumps that I haven’t worn for a year. My feet hurt so bad, considering that I have a high pain tolerance. Good thing some staff left their plastic shoes there and I was able to borrow it, hygiene be damned.

Duty today was toxic. I did the IV meds, bgm, insulin, and the IV flow sheet and some bedside thingy. I’m kind of annoyed with the nurse on duty. It’s not my shift so I don’t really know the flow that well. And I think I did almost everything, and I’m not sure if I’m inefficient that’s why I felt so swamped or she did not help me at all.

Shit still overwhelms me.


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