Day 9

My two days off are done. Gonna go back to reality tonight. I hope everything is alright and everyone is alive when I go back.

About the military nursing gig, I really want to do it, but I can’t convince my mother so she’s thinking about sending me back to California after my training. I think she’s getting desperate since I am almost being adamant about joining the military (almost because I can’t explicitly go against her wishes, but I’m bugging her about it).

Things that could possibly go awry with the Cali plan: working visa can be denied, support papers for the student visa could be bloody hard work, might not be granted a scholarship, my mother might change her mind and this whole plan will fall through. I know I’m not being little miss sunshine about this whole thing but as of now the military gig is more feasible.

I should’ve taken computer science in the first place. I should have listened to myself, but then again what will a fifteen year old girl with a sick father do in that situation? Be practical, I suppose.

Oh well, must work with what I have.


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