Day 7

Two of our patients died while I was off duty, which is good (the off duty part, not the dying) because I probably would’ve freaked out if I was on duty that day. I just feel bad I wasn’t able to say goodbye to their relatives, I like them,  they are nice people. This whole trauma drama thing is hindering my nursing capabilities, I guess I have to get over it sooner or later.

Good news! I managed to insert an IV cath today. It was on an easy patient, but hey, baby steps.  It backflowed a bit and the line stopped, but I just flushed it. After I consulted my senior of course,  I had a mini panic. That line is fucking precious to me.

I’m getting used to this nursing gig again, which is convenient as of the moment. I am still thinking about changing careers but not yet as I don’t have enough money for that. 

P. S. I got my scissors back.


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