Day 4

It’s actually my sixth day now (not counting offs) but I don’t wanna skip days, so I’ll just continue the numbering. 
Anyway, not so toxic today because we have student nurses, they did most of the benign stuff, which is good, really good.

One of the patient’s relative there is being creepy. He’s just hitting on me and trying to be cute, but I find it annoying so I told him I was gay and I just broke up with my girlfriend (lie). I thought he would stop, because I did that to one patient and he stopped trying to be cute. He did not, he told me that I can still change and it would be a waste if I end up being lesbian and childless. I just need to trust God and he would change me back to loving males again, and also he would like to help me. I would have slapped him if it wasn’t unprofessional to do so.

At least I wasn’t the only one, apparently he tries to hit on everyone. I was oblivious at first because nurse mode, I was just being nice. Then he tried being touchy,  of course I shut down. I hope he loses interest. I hate it when people are interested in me, regardless of gender.


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