So far

First day was purgatory, second night was hell. They were both hellish to be honest, but I’m too tired to look for circles or tiers of hell to rank them.

We were supposed to be on morning shift for this whole month because we are still being “oriented” but the ward I’m in is understaffed and severely toxic, so we have no choice, really, but to have our shifting schedules after the first day. Not really the gradual transition I’m expecting.

First day was a blur, we have 50 patients in our ward, and there were 4 of us trainees, 2 organic staff nurses and 1 nursing aid. Thankfully there were  nursing students and other medic trainees (not really sure what they are), so monitoring was taken off of our backs. Paperworks were another thing though,  there were tons of it. But it was all good,  we had two hour overtime though.

Second day, I was on night duty and it was worse than the first day. It was just me, the staff nurse, and the nursing aid. Still 50 patients,  still shit ton of paperworks and medications to give. We survived. The staff kept on apologizing because I was supposed to be exposed gradually and was only supposed to do bedside care but I am actually not complaining, because she was so nice and I would feel like an asshole for not helping her because, hello, fifty patients.

So she let me leave at 9 am, which is two hours past my actual schedule, she stayed there to take care of things. I feel like crap, can’t imagine how she feels.

So that is my current situation. I know I sound whiny but I am sort of, not really having fun, but I wasn’t overcome with hatred and sadness as I first thought I would. So, so far so good. No thoughts of quitting and jumping off from the seventh floor yet.

Oh yeah, I failed to mention that our ward’s on the seventh floor. I take the stairs, will probably be doing that for six months, depends. And the usual nursing diet of skipped meals and bad hydration, I’m looking forward to having a nice summer bod.


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