Day 1

I wasn’t really sure where to put this on my last post so I made a new one. There was this funny thing that happened on our first day.

It was probably just eight something in the morning, the whole ward was busy, as usual. One of my co trainees, let’s call him C, told us that one of the patients was not breathing anymore. The patient in question was hooked to an O2 via nasal cannula, he was unconscious, probably a gcs 9. So you can imagine our trepidation. A post mortem! On our first day! How grand! (sarcasm, for those whose humors aren’t dark enough)

So we told the staff nurse, in the same harried manner as C told us. She jumped from her seat then ran to the patient’s room. It is also worth noting that we forgot the name of the patient,  so we just all pointed at C. When she got there,  the family was standing besides the patient, not panicking. They looked at her, perplexed as to why people are panicking because the patient is breathing just fine.

After all the confusion, we did the most mature thing —blamed C for the whole fiasco.


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