My hospital training started last Thursday and I still don’t know how I feel about it. We are still in the didactic phase and we will only start with our duty proper on September, so I am still okay. I know I can survive this, what is six months compared to four years of doing something you don’t really care about? A fragment, a portion, a piece of cake? 

Disclaimer though, I know I sound so dispassionate about this whole nursing gig but rest assured that my patient care responsibilities won’t be compromised. My conscience is too strong and I don’t feel good about neglecting my duties. And the patients are already suffering so I guess giving your best to help other people despite not really liking the method is common human decency. (is that even a thing?) 

So,  I will post something from time to time to let you see how this training goes. No patient information though,  I am not supposed to do that.


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