I really don’t know why I took up nursing, I mean, aside from my mother telling me to take it and my father being sick at the time. Ok, maybe it was out of necessity, but I can probably beg my mom, using trauma as an excuse to leave it and pursue another course (my dad died in my freshman year). I tried, although I didn’t use the trauma part. But since we already spent a fortune on my freshman year, it would be impractical to switch degree programs.

The mandatory summer during freshman year was hell. Literally. I was trying to recuperate emotionally and physically, it was hot, my schedule was packed, we have tons of shit to do, I have new classmates that I need to get along with. Fuck that summer.

The office job I was applying for didn’t push through, and my hospital training will start in August. So this means I will be stuck in the clinical setting. I am a bit anxious. I don’t really hate it, but I don’t want it either. I don’t know.

I am scared of needles. Terribly, terribly scare of it. And needles are like one of the most used things in the hospital, and I am scared of it. What a nurse I will be. But hey, I passed my licensure exam with flying colors, so I must be good at something, as long as it don’t involve needles.

Wish me luck, because I need it. Lots of it.


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