Black Hole

I stared at the sky trying to count the stars that dotted it. One, two,  three, four. One,  two,  three, four. I always lost count at four. Are you looking at the sky too? Counting celestial bodies then losing count? I know they say that we probably share the same sky, which is not farfetched seeing that we lived in the same town. 

Say,  do you remember that time when we’re just lying down the grass, tracing patterns in the sky and making up our own constellations? You even said that our children will be named after them (the existing constellations).

It’s funny how we already built our future together. We drew our plans on the sky, using stars as guides. We smiled back then, because our future seems as bright as the stars,  our stars.

Funnier thing is,  we failed to realize that the stars we plotted on are probably dead.  It’s probably scientifically proven and we’re just not aware of it.  But yes, they maybe are dead.  Maybe that is why our plans fell through.

Four years. For four years we planned and dreamed. For four years we traced on dead stars. Then it was all ruined in four seconds.

I hope you had fun with her.


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