About me-ish

I’m impulsive. For example,  right now,  I  am waiting for the hospital that I applied in to call me.  I just had the interview last week and I am not sure when they will call me back,  so I applied in a BPO company. I still have my freelance transcribing job,  but im planning to quit it because im bored. 

The transcribing job isn’t really bad but,  I feel bad for not meeting the deadlines and my attention span unables me to listen to hour long lectures, while typing them. There is also the issue of my arms cramping,  but no biggie.

Also another example is starting this blog. This was done on an impulse,  and most of my posts are also done on an inpulse. Although I do have a lot of drafts on my phone. I started them, because an idea won’t get out of my mind,  then I stop halfway because I have exhausted that idea or it completely took on a different form that I don’t know it anymore and I am not happy with it.  I am rarely happy with my writings, to be honest. 

Maybe I am just restless because of my current joblessness. Because after going through nursing school for four years and adhering to this insanely packed schedule I am suddenly doing nothing, for almost a year now.  So maybe all this anxiety is because of that, but yeah. Here’s to hoping that I get a job soon.


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