Everything was bleak: the weather, the buildings, the people. The sun was obstructed by overcast cloud.The buildings lacked the shine that usually accompanies steel and glass, they only reflected their drab towering brethrens. The people wore masks on their faces, not a literal one, but one that they don’t even know that they’re wearing.

And she was bored, bored, bored.

There is only that deafening hum from the airconditioning unit and the occasional drumming of fingers, shifting of clothes, and scraping of chairs from the conference room. She don’t have anyone to talk to. Everybody is wrapped up in their own thoughts.

She was bored. She don’t even know why she’s applying for a job that is totally unrelated to her degree. Oh wait, she does. She’s bored.

Everything started to get boring when school ended. There were no patterns, habits, homeworks and lessons to get lost into. It’s like somebody punctured her carefully structured inflatable fort.

She have all this free time in her hand. Which should be good, since she never had a free time in all her years in the university. But in reality it’s not, it only gave her time to stew in her own thoughts.


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