Nightmare in Paradise

Breathe. Take deep calming breaths. That’s it, a few more. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. No, no, do not go back there. Do not. Just don’t. It’s not worth it. But what if? What if, right? No, don’t even think about that.

Ignore that feeling. Yes, yes I know that you feel as if the walls are moving towards you, threathening to imprison you. Calm down, it is just an illusion. Come on child, breathe. No, there are no hands on your throat either. Yes, I know you feel suffocated. Nobody is trying to strangle you, stop panicking child!

Stop saying what if, it’s no use child. It has been done, you made your choice. It is what you wanted right? What you think is right and proper. Nobody forced you child. It was your decision.

Ropes? What are you talking about? You’re full of fancy my child. You can’t move your limbs? I assure you child, it is only panic. Yes, I am positive. Come on, breathe with me.

What is these binds that you speak of? Child, the manacles you speak of are only figments of your playful mind. You do have responsibilities though. Oh yes you do. Those decisions comes with a certain set of circumstances. You were not informed?! Oh you silly child, you make me laugh. Life does not come with an instruction manual and terms and conditions documents.

What is it you’re saying? I can scarcely hear you. Speak up dear, come on now. Breathe I tell you. What is that? You never meant to strike a deal with me? Fancy that! You were so eager last night, even ransaking the whole place just for a pen in order to sign your pretty little name on the dotted line.

You were not informed about other options? Oh, you are so adorable, so naive. You chose this my child, you did. You knew well where this leads. It was you’re doing.

Oh don’t give me that crap about happiness. You chose this right? You wanted everything to be cushy. Oh, you could have chosen not to choose this, but the other path won’t be comfortable enough to your liking, though I don’t know about happiness. It is your choice to lose your soul.

Oh child, stop crying. Tears would not do you any good. It cannot turn back time, just accept this fate. Come on, breathe with me. Calming breaths now. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

I wrote this because it is 3 am. It just occured to me, what if- what if the devil talked to you in your sleep. Taunting you with possibilities that those choices you forgone held. So let me know if this is creepy/scary enough.


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